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Through her previous work experience in community engagement, hospitality, and retail, Julie innately understood the concept of Enlightened Hospitality before she had a name for it. Once she read Setting the Table, she immediately felt connected to Danny’s approach to business and was inspired to join the USHG family. Today, Julie is a consulting associate at HQ, helping our clients transform their businesses through the lens of hospitality.

Julie joined HQ after working for the Outreach Team in New York City on the “Pre-K For All” initiative. The program achieved 53,000 student enrollments, making the first year of the project a tremendous success. Prior to that, Julie worked at Aritzia as a sales manager, leading teams at three different retail locations and in the hospitality industry for years as a server, manager and bartender, most recently at Fraser Cafe in Ottawa. Through each role, Julie developed an appreciation for building positive employee and customer experiences, a platform that has enabled her to connect with colleagues and clients alike.

A Canada native, Julie earned a BA in Public Relations from the University of Ottawa and graduated Magna Cum Laude.